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Our Programs

Preparing children for elementary school is an important building block in early childhood education. Each day all of our programs include creative, hands-on, developmentally appropriate activities. Celebration! Childcare follows the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards in the preschool years and utilizes research based curriculums such as The Creative Curriculum™ and Learning Without Tears™. These early childhood curriculums address four areas of development: social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language and are designed to foster development of the whole child through teacher-led, small and large group activities. Children learn through a variety of ways: creative play, art, music, drama, language, early literacy, math, science, building, technology, and exploring our outdoor classroom. Although routines are well-established, our schedule allows for spontaneous learning opportunities. Our teachers enjoy teaching new skills that stimulate each child’s natural abilities and creativity, making the most of each child’s developing talents. God honoring values are at the center of all of our teachings and are supported through children’s chapel, Vacation Bible School, bible stories, and other curriculums such as Godly Play™.

Enrollment is open year-round, based on availability. We value the uniqueness of each child and will work with you to build the program that is right for your child. We are able to combine different options to give your child a 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- or 5-day Celebration! Childcare experience!

   •  Infant Program (Full Day)

   •  Toddler Preschool Program (Full Day)

   •  Two Year Old Preschool Program (Full Day)

   •  Three Year Old Preschool Program (Full Day)

   •  Four Year Old Preschool Program (Full Day)

   •  Five Year Old Preschool Program (Full Day)

   •  Electives

   •  Summer Program (Full Day)

Celebration! Childcare Brochure

Infant Program

Teacher/Student Ratio - 1:4

The infant room features a warm, calm, comforting atmosphere with soothing music and just the right amount of sensory
stimulation. You can trust your child’s highly trained, experienced caregivers to encourage your baby’s development with a smiling face and a tender touch.

Toddler Preschool Program

Teacher/Student Ratio - 1:4

To provide the safest environments for both toddlers and infants, our toddlers are moved from infant rooms to toddler rooms based on each child’s level of mobility. In this program we begin to establish routines, sample the preschool curriculum, explore socialization and start early ages and stages assessments. We provide a daily report to parents that communicates their child’s developed progress, schedule, and activities.

Two Year Old Preschool Program

Teacher/Student Ratio - 1:8

From naptime to mealtime, from creative movement to purposeful planning, our staff’s loving supervision gives preschoolers confidence to begin exploring the world around them. At Celebration! Childcare we teach pre-reading and pre-writing skills with the goal of cultivating a lifelong love of learning using The Creative Curriculum™. Our child to teacher ratio allows us to give preschool children the attention they need to thrive within nurturing and trusting relationships, while fostering active social participation.


Social/Emotional - playing near and with other children, participating in group activities, waiting their turn, working out problems with less action and more reasoning, early self-advocating skills


Physical - LARGE MOTOR: running, jumping in place, riding a tricycle, kicking a ball, climbing.

SMALL MOTOR: snipping with scissors, turning pages individually, holding crayons with age appropriate grasp, completing puzzles.

Academic Readiness (cognitive) - working with shapes, engaging in make-believe play, using 2 to 3 word phrases, learning primary colors

Language - asking and understanding question forms (what, where...), following two-step commands, naming body parts, working on early communication skills

Three Year Old Preschool Program

Teacher/Student Ratio - 1:10

We provide a challenging, fun-filled learning environment for our 3 year olds where they can grow while feeling comfortable and secure.


Social/Emotional - showing empathy, beginning to understand give/take and cooperative play through interactive learning centers


Physical - jumping with forward progression, catching a ball, buttoning and unbuttoning, zipping

Academic Readiness (cognitive) - matching colors, learning numbers 1 through 10, drawing shapes/combinations of shapes, writing their name and the alphabet through the introduction of prewriting skills with Learning Without Tears™ curriculum, understanding basic concepts (first, next to, behind)

Language - using simple sentences, asking “who, what, where, and why” questions, telling simple stories, learning words to repetitive songs

Four Year Old Preschool Program

Teacher/Student Ratio - 1:10

The main focus of the pre-kindergarten program is on school readiness. We work closely with area schools to ensure that our children have the skills needed to be successful in kindergarten.

Social/Emotional - showing greater ability to control intense feelings, wanting to please friends

Physical - strengthening fine motor skills, throwing a ball overhand, lacing

Academic Readiness (cognitive) - counting/sorting objects, memorizing letter sounds, early writing skills, recognizing and developing patterns

Language - self advocating, placing items in common categories, communicating in 5 to 6 word sentences, singing songs

Five Year Old Preschool Program

Teacher/Student Ratio - 1:10

Social/Emotional - taking more ownership for his/her work, taking pride in work, participating in complex group/team play, developing a delightful, silly sense of humor

Physical - skipping, galloping, alternating stairs, improving bilateral coordination skills

Academic Readiness (cognitive) - learning to count to 100, beginning journaling skills, identifying 3D shapes

Language - retelling stories using past, present, future, and increasing vocabulary words


Celebration! Childcare also offers electives that promote individual developmental potential. Electives vary but may include sports, dance, foreign language classes, and music lessons; there is an additional fee for these classes.

Summer Program

The Celebration! Childcare summer program calendar is packed with exciting, age-appropriate activities, special events
and in-house field trips. Toddlers to 12 year olds are sure to have fun. Energetic teachers plan days that are filled with enriching activities that nurture each child’s self-confidence and provide a summer of fun learning. Extensive time is spent in our outdoor classroom.

Celebration! Childcare encourages children to develop a love and appreciation for nature through our sizable outdoor facilities.

• Located on 10+ acres of land.
• Frequent nature walks through the savannah, prairie and wetlands.
• Children enjoy butterfly watching in our flower and vegetable garden.
• Playground, bike track, and sledding hill.
• Work in greenhouse.

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3 Year Old
4 Year Old
5 Year Old
Our Programs
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